Update to Current USLCI - Legend Car Chassis

As of May 1st, 2016 all of our chassis will be built to fit the "Big Boy" measurements; because of this, sheet metal measurements will be adjusted.

When ordering sheet metal please review the chassis pictures shown to determine if you need standard metal or "Big Boy" metal. 

 Below are the correct measurements for the corresponding sheet metal. 

115x00x053 Left Side Panel Sedan (BB)

115x00x054 Left Side Panel Coupe (BB)

115x00x049 Rear Seat Panel Coupe (BB)

115x00x056 DS Tunnel (BB)

115x00x050 Rear Panel behind seat (BB)

115x00x055 Upper Rear Deck Seat (BB)

115x00x052 Rht side Panel Coupe (BB)

115x00x051 Rht side panel sedan (BB)