As U.S. Legend Cars International and INEX continue to monitor the impact COVID-19 has had on our 2020 racing season, we have made more modifications to the INEX points system.

With states and countries re-opening on various timelines, it makes calculating points on an international level difficult. 

With that INEX will be implementing a new point model for the 2020 racing season...

  • INEX will not be calculating points on an international level, meaning we will not have a 2020 International Points Champion

  • In order to discourage travel, we will not be hosting regional/national qualifier races this season 

  • Our 2020 International Points Championship will be replaced by a 2020 Regional Championship
    • Regional champions will be determined based on the total number of points gained throughout the year, with A 15 RACE MAXIMUM CAP (meaning the total number of points counted will be 1,500)
      • Drivers' top 15 finishes will be counted. Please note, 15 is not a required minimum...It is simply the MAXIMUM number of races we will count

      • Regional points will be calculated like state championship points. The region you will receive points for is based on where you live, not where you race

      • In the event of a point tie within a division: while our 2020 national events (Bando East & West, Dirt, Asphalt, and Road Course) are stand-alone events, the tied drivers finishing spot at their national championship event will act as the tiebreaker for regional points

      • We will not be hosting a 2020 Championship Banquet 

        • Regional Divisions
          • Southeast: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Virginia, West Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Maryland, Tennessee, & Kentucky
          • Northeast: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York & Pennsylvania
          • Midwest: North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio & Michigan
          • Northwest: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana
          • Southwest: California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming & Nebraska
          • International
  • INEX will still host international championship races at the end of the season.
    • These events include Bandolero East and West Championships, Dirt Dirt Nationals, Asphalt Nationals, and our Road Course World Finals.
    • This events will be stand-alone events and will have no impact on the regional championship
    • These races will be completed in the following stages:
      • Practice day
      • Qualifying and multiple heat races will set the starting lineup
      • Final features in each division 

We feel that with the everchanging circumstances we are facing, this is the best option for our racing series, allowing competition to continue while keeping the series as budget-friendly as possible.

We hope you're all staying safe and healthy, and we look forward to being back on track soon.

On behalf of everyone and U.S. Legend Cars and INEX, thank you for your participation in our program!

*Information and schedule both subject to change*