This year eyes are on Bandolero drivers as they are scheduled to go head to head at Bandolero Nationals, at Atlanta Motor Speedway on the 24th.  Drivers have been preparing since the season started, racking up points at Bojangles Summer ShootOut at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Thursday Thunder at Atlanta Motor Speedway, and Summer Stampede at Texas Motor Speedway.  

Driver Clayton Thompson from Atlanta, currently only needs three more 100 point wins to max out his points, whereas, Joshua Kossek from Charlotte, needs six more. If both max out at 2,000 points, Bando Nationals will be the tiebreaker.

"They don't have to win the whole race, but just beat one another," said John Haggan Executive Competition Director for INEX.

Thompson has three 100 point wins over Kossek, and has the advantage of Nationals being on his home track, but will it be enough to win the title?

Kossek is also no stranger to the intense competition, as he tied with Bryson Ruff and Cameron Bolin this summer at the Bojangles Summer ShootOut. Although tied, Ruff took the title of Summer ShootOut champion.

When we asked Ruff who his top competitors are he replied, "Clay Thompson, simply because this is his home track. Josh Kossek and Cameron Bolin the three of us have raced hard all season. We all come to win."

Ruff and Bolin are seen as tough competitors this season as they fall shortly behind Thompson and Kossek on the points board, taking third and fourth.   

Drivers from all over have worked very hard this summer gaining points and practicing to take the win at Bando Nationals. As family and friends gather in Atlanta on the 24th, fingers will be crossed as the Bandit drivers go head to head in hopes that one will be named the 2016 Bandolero National winner.