We're updating our Legend Car Brochures and we want your help! 

With the official debut of the FZ09 right around the corner, we need to update the information in our Legend Car brochure...texts and picture. 

Instead of using old stock photos we have saved, we want to use your photos! 

Here's what we're looking for...


  • On Track action shots of both individual cars and groups from tracks across the U.S. 
  • Ford
    • '34 Coupe
    • '34 Sedan
    • '37 Sedan
    • '40 Sedan
  • Chevy
    • '34 Coupe
    • '37 Sedan
  • Dodge
    • '37 Sedan
  • International competition shots of both individual cars and groups from tracks across the world

Like any contest, we do have a few rules...

  • Please EMAIL all photo submissions to [email protected]
  • Make sure all photos are high quality (most current model smartphone photos will work)
    • In the email please include Your name, the track name and the category your submitting the photo for!  
  • Do not send photos taken by track photographers without their permission
  • Do not submit any photos with watermarks
  • You may submit more than one photo, however, only one photo per applicant will be selected
  • CONTEST DEADLINE IS Friday, May 18th by 5 PM ET.