By: Kelly Giddings

Our 2019 Dirt Oval Semi-Pro Championship goes to Jeremy Ott from Pennsylvania.

Ott is originally from Newburg Pennsylvania but currently resides in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. You can find him at his home track, Path Valley Speedway. Ott has been racing for twenty years. He started off watching his uncle in a front-wheel-drive car and soon wanted to try it too. Ott raced stock cars and then three years ago, climbed into a legend car to give it a try. When asked what this championship meant to Jeremy Ott, he replied, "That the first one wasn't a fluke from winning central PA legend series last year."

While Ott did take the Dirt Oval Semi-Pro Championship, he was still faced with challenges throughout the year. In a race at Path Valley, Ott was going for the lead to win 1,200 dollars until he and another car collided, leaving Ott with a flat tire. "I had to start again in the rear and came up to 4th place." After wrecking his car in another race, Ott had to think fast. "After rolling and flipping the car, I had to come home and put it back together in a week to win the next race."

Although faced with stressful challenges this year, Ott was able to overcome them, and have some great memorable moments as well. One of those moments was in Wisconsin to race at Nationals.

After driving fourteen hours to get there, Ott won the Race of Champions and got to experience a whole new track. Ott states, "I set a really good time in time trails among the best in the country."

Winning the 2019 Dirt Oval Semi-Pro Championship has been special for Ott, and he would like to thank his sponsors, Afco/Zep, Frakers Landscaping, Mason Dixon Auto Auction, DILLIGAF, and Rocks Automotive. He would also like to send a special thanks to his family, which includes his wife Andrea who, "puts up with racing week after week," Cousins Wayne, Tim, Jason, Ann, Kelly, in-laws Ken, Donna, and brother-in-law Aaron. His thanks also include racing buddies Travis and Mason, Larry and Bob Stoudt, and, "all my awesome fans young and old. They make it all worth it."

Congratulations to our 2019 Dirt Oval Semi-Pro Champion Jeremy Ott and all of his hard work this year.

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