By: Kelly Giddings

Chance Gilbert, our 2019 Dirt Oval Young Lion Champion, started racing after going to Dave Comer's, Missouri Legend Cars, shop with his dad as a kid. While there, they worked on cars together. That is when Gilbert began to take a liking to racing.

Around the age of three, Gilbert started to attend the races and watching Comer and his dad race. You can now find Gilbert of Galena, Kansas or at one of his favorite tracks, Monett Motor Speedway in Monett, Missouri or Springfield Raceway in Springfield, Missouri.

Gilbert states that this Dirt Oval Young Lion Championship means a whole lot to him. "I have worked hard this first year to learn and work with my dad on setups and maintaining the car to try and make everyone proud." The biggest struggle Gilbert faced this season was overcoming the challenge of earning respect as a twelve-year-old. 

Gilbert says that if he could do one race this season over again, it would be Nationals. "I would have a chance to drive more aggressively." He says that it was still fun and a great experience. Gilberts explains the most memorable moment this season was between him and his dad. "My dad spun out in front of the flag stand on the last lap, and I passed him!"

Gilbert has many people to thank after his Dirt Oval Young Lions Championship. Dave Comer and Missouri legends for, "helping with setups and parts, and for always giving me a hard time and for getting me started in Legends." Roger Lambert at Lamberts Tractor. Dean Jessee at DJ Crop Insurance. Cut Loose Graphics. Jerry Hoffman at Springfield Raceway and his family. "I would like to give a special thanks to my sister, Mike Gilbert, the crew chief, and my dad for always helping me get my car ready before his and for always giving me a fast car and getting me to the races!"

Congratulations to our 2019 Dirt Oval Young Lion Champion, Chance Gilbert.

Next week we'll be featuring Dirt Oval Semi-Pro Champ, Jeremy Ott! 

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