In an effort to keep the cost of racing in the INEX series down, the following rules are being put into place for the Hoosier / Legend Car / Asphalt Tire.

These rules will go into effect on August 1st, 2020.

  • Any tire found under 61 points on the durometer will be confiscated & sent to INEX for lab testing and possible further penalties from suspension to expulsion.


  • 100% dry tire rule.


  • Cutting tires, siping tires, grooving tires is not permitted.


  • Tread depth (across the tire) must be no more than 1/32 of an inch different from side to side or outside to inside.


  • The overall tread depth rule will be enforced using the wear bars in the tire. If a tire wears into the wear bar in two spots in a row (side by side or in the same groove), that tire will be considered illegal.


  • The minimum tire & wheel combination weight (using the Aero or Bassett "light" wheel) is 24lbs.


  • The minimum tire & wheel combination weight (using the standard wheel) is 27lbs.


  • If any of the above listed tire violations are found, that car will be disqualified from the event the tire was used in.