This weekend Atlanta Motor Speedway hosted the 2016 Bandolero Nationals. Driver's from as far as Minnesota and Texas made the haul to Hampton, Georgia; to not only compete for the 2016 Bandolero Nationals' Championship title, but to lock in the 2016 Bandolero Outlaw and Bandit National INEX Points Championship. 

The weekend's festivities started off Friday with open practice for all cars, giving drivers a chance to learn the track. The night was ended with a trophy dash, where Georgia's Shelby Ruark took the Rookie Bando win. In the Bandit Trophy dash, Summer ShootOut regulars, Bryson Ruff, Josh Kossek and Cameron Bolin rounded out the top 3. In our Outlaw race, D.J. Canipe took first, followed by Tristan Lesik, and Jensen Jorgensen. 

Saturday morning kicked off Championship Race Day. Legend Cars were our first feature of the day, with Semi-Pro, Jensen Jorgensen taking the checkered flag. 

Rookie Bandoleros, our most novice division, took the green flag first in our Bandolero features. Michael Mohwish, of Cummings, Georgia, held his lead from the start, and stayed on top through all 20 laps. Brody Graham took second, and Trophy Dash winner, Shelby Ruark claimed third.

Next up was our Bandit Division, drivers eight years old to 11 years old. Bojnagles' Summer ShootOut Champion, Bryson Ruff, started on the pole and ended up finishing the race in third. While Thursday Thunder Bandit Champion, Clay Thompson started on the outside pole, and ended up with a second place finish. McDonough, Georgia's, Nathan Jackson, took the checkered flag, and was named winner of the 2016 Bando National's Bandit Feature. Clay Thompson's second place finish allowed him to close off the season as our 2016 Bandoleo Bandit INEX Points Champion! 

In the final race of the weekend, our Outlaws battled for their chance at the National's title. Thursday Thunder Outlaw Champion, DJ Canipe started out on the pole, with Hayden Swank on the outside. In a very close finish, Senoia, Georgia's Josh Hicks took the win. Three time Bandolero National's Outlaw winner, Jensen Jorgensen, came from his seventh place start, to finish in second. North Carolina's Tommy Good took his tenth place feature start, and turned it into a third place finish. DJ Canipe ended his weekend with a fourth place finish in the feature, making him the official 2016 Bandolero Outlaw INEX Points Champion! 

We'd like to thank everyone who joined us this weekend at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Without the parents, drivers and their crew this event wouldn't have been possible! 

The official INEX Points Season ends October 2; however, Bandoleros are welcomes to join us on track Saturday, October 8 at Waterford Speedbowl for our 2016 Asphalt Nationals and November 13 at our Road Course World Finals at Dominion Raceway. 

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ROOKIE BANDOLERO: 1. Michael Mowish (19) 2. Brody Graham (54) 3. Shelby Ruark (48) 4. Sarah Sullivan (2)  5. Ford Childers (14) 6. Ethan Norfleet (04) 7. Giianni Esposito (22)

BANDIT: 1. Nathan Jackson (7) 2. Clay Thompson (99) 3. Bryson Ruff (24) 4. Cameron Bolin  (67) 5. Kenneth Henderson (80) 6. Michael Gannon (41) 7. Landon Rapp (28) 8. Parker Eatmon (4E) 9. Ryan Howell (127) 10. Justin Campbell (18) 11. Connor Younginer (95) 12. Ashton Whitener (21) 13. Kade Brown (99) 14. Will Griffis (07) 15. Josh Kossek (44) 16. Keaton Hendrix (88) 17. Max Hennebaul (27)

OUTLAW: 1. Josh Hicks (27) 2. Jensen Jorgensen (3) 3. Tommy Good (19) 4. DJ  Canipe (19) 5. Matthew Davey (10) 6. Trey Tadrzak (30) 7. Hayden Swank (35) 8. Blaze Maddox (47) 9. Tristen Lesik (32) 10. Kenny Brady (17) 11. Conner Youngier (17) 12. Annabelle Mohwish (26) 13. Blaze Crawford (07) 14. Justin McCool (25) 15. Gaunt Hudgins (66) 16. Gage Roberts (12) 17. Andrew Dollar (00) 18. Lennon Watkins (11)