This weekend, drivers from all over the world joined us on the South Course of Virginia International Raceway for the 2014 Road Course World Finals.

In the first Young Lion heat race, Noah Gragson began sixth on the grid; however, he was able to work his way to first to finish the race. Carson Ferguson was able to do the same in the second heat race, making for a much anticipated feature. The race began with Gragson on the pole and Ferguson next to him; within the first lap of the race, contact between multiple drivers in turn one pushed Ferguson into the grass, dropping him to last. As the race continued, a caution on lap four caused a restart forcing drivers to bunch the field, allowing Ferguson to pass seven cars on lap five. By lap seven, Ferguson was able to work his way back to second, just behind Michael Womack. As the drivers were coming into the last turn of lap 12, it became a drag race between the two. In a tight finish, Ferguson took the checkered flag, with Womack taking a very close second. Mike Christopher Jr. finished in third, and Noah Gragson's fourth place finish named him the 2014 Young Lion Road Course INEX Points Champion.

Matt Kurzejewski was able to maintain his lead throughout the Semi Pro Feature race, while Julia Landauer was able to push her way to a second place finish from her sixth place start. Sheldon Crouse, despite spinning out in turn nine, was able to finish with the third place title. Joni Nelimarkka of Finland, was able to finish in fourth, giving him the title of 2014 Semi Pro Road Course INEX Points Champion.

The Master Feature was fight for first throughout the entire race. Robert Gayton started with the lead, and was able to maintain it for the first five laps, but was passed by Randy Schaaf in the chicane on lap six. In lap seven, Gayton and Schaaf fought for the lead, with Gayton able to come out in front. He kept his first place position, until he spun out in lap nine, giving Schaaf back first, and allowing him to maintain his lead to take the checkered flag, with Gayton with a close second. South Africa's Franco Di Matteo took third and 2014 Master Road Course INEX Points Champion, Kirk Hall, finished in fourth.

The most intense event of the weekend was Sunday's Pro Feature; this race was a battle between some of the top Road Course drivers in the world. As soon as the green flag was waved, the top spot was anyone's to take. Henri Toumaala lead through lap one, but lost his lead in lap two to Devin Robertson. The next several laps were neck and neck through every turn, with Steven Cantrell taking the lead through the chicane on lap nine. Robertson was able to regain the lead in lap ten through the finish, naming him the 2014 Road Course World Finals Champion and the 2014 Pro Road Course INEX Points Champion. Dennis Lambert, who started in 12th due to a mechanical failure in the first lap of qualifying, was able to use the turns to his advantage and take second place. It was a close race for third, with Steven Cantrell beating out Johan Ahokas by five-hundredths of a second. 

We also had Bandolero's join us this weekend for the World Finals. Ashton Higgins took first place in the Outlaw division, and Kade Lambert was named our Bandit winner.

We'd like to thank all of our competitors, their crew and families, and our technicians for a great weekend. We're looking forward to a seeing all of our driver's next year for an exciting 2015 season.

Join us for the 2014 Champions Banquet on January 17th, 2015 to honor these and other winners from throughout the year. Visit for more information.  

Young Lion - Fast Qualifier: Noah Gragson 

1 - Carson Ferguson, 2 - Michael Womack, 3 - Mike Christopher Jr., 4 - Noah Gragson,

5 - Riley Herbst 

Semi Pro - Fast Qualifier: Matt Kurzejewski 

1 - Matt Kurzejewski, 2 - Julia Landauer, 3 - Sheldon Crouse, 4 - Joni Nelimarkka,

5 - Nicholas Naugle 

Master - Fast Qualifier: Robert Gayton

1 - Randy Schaaf, 2 - Robert Gayton, 3 - Franco Di Matteo, 4 - Kirk Hall,

5 - Patrick Dillion

Pro - Fast Qualifier: Henri Tuomaala

1 - Devin Robertson, 2 - Dennis Lambert, 3 - Steven Cantrell, 4 - Johan Ahokas,

5 - Henri Tuomaala



1 - Ashton Higgins, 2 - Kayla Lyons 


1 - Kade Lambert, 2 - Bradley Wilson, 3 - William Robusto