Finnish Semi-Pro Road Course World Champion driver, Joni Nelimarkka, is today's featured Champ! 

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Joni Nelimarkka, Semi-Pro, 2014 Road Course World Champion

What's your favorite racing memory of 2014?

Racing my first race ever in Botniaring, Jurva, Finland. Also, winning the 2014 World Finals at Virginia International Raceway. 

What sparked your interest in competing in racing?

The full speed, while driving side by side into the corners. The good spirit in the paddock, and gaining better lap times during the season.

Who are your favorite drivers to compete against?

It was a blast to racing against Matt Kurzejewski, Julia Landauer and Taylor Martin in the 2014 World Finals at Virginia International Raceway. Such talented drivers! 

What are your goals for the 2015 season?

My goal is to become a top 3 in the Pro Division in Finland. Also, to become high ranked in the 2015 Legends Pro division world wide.

Which track is your favorite?

It's absolutely the Race&Rock Festival, Vauhtiajot in Seinäjoki, Finland. It's so fast and challenging! You have to feel it!

Are there any sponsors or people you'd like to thank?

Without sponsors and background there isn't racing...Bayerncar, Nelimarkan leipomo, Nordic Business Forum, Oivarauta, RH-Asennus, Japcomet, A-P Niemi, WestMac, WestPower, SAT, Lännen autokatsastus, Eper-Eristys, JS-Pinta, EP:n katsastus, Ateno, Saarijärvi Infra, T-Tarvike, Botnia vaunuhuolto, Rengastien autotarvike, Kendall, Parkkipesu, Samburger, Pasi Matintupa, APR-Competition, Family: Teresa, Olivia, Feetu, Oscar&Eemil and God for the blessings.