U.S. Legend Cars International has some exciting news for this year's Legends Asphalt Nationals. We have teamed up with Speed Shift TV in order to broadcast the 23rd Annual Legends Asphalt Nationals live from Las Vegas! Anyone who wants to watch the action as it unfolds will be able to do so on speedshifttv.com. It can be streamed live to your computer, tablet or smartphone!

So, for those of you not able to make it out to the race this year there's no need to worry, you can still catch all the action and follow your favorite Legend Car drivers! Follow Speed Shift TV and US Legend Cars on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more information and make sure to tune in on October 17th and 18th to see the races! 

To watch the event will be $20 per day or $35 for a two day pass. Viewership packages will be available the week of the event.