March 18, 2020

To all INEX members, INEX Sanctioned Racetracks, INEX Inspectors & US Legends Dealers:


The health & safety of our competitors, INEX members, INEX Inspectors, US Legends dealers & track crew is our main priority in these times of uncertainty. Due to the recent & changing restrictions on group gatherings, INEX will postpone sanctioning of any Legend Car or Bandolero event beginning today, March 18th, through (at least) May 3rd. We anticipate resuming INEX sanctioning on Friday, May 8th (unless unforeseen changes arise). INEX will work with any INEX Sanctioned Racetrack that has previously scheduled events between now & May 3rd to arrange "making up" those postponed events.

The INEX National points season will be "put on hold" from today, March 18th 2020 until INEX Sanctioned racing resumes May 8th 2020 (unless unforeseen changes extend this date).

We appreciate your patience during these times of uncertainty & look forward to getting back to the track as soon as possible


  • Any changes / notifications will be posted on the US Legends / INEX website and on our social media outlets.



Thank you for your cooperation,


Scott Reinhardt (INEX General Manager)