HARRISBURG, N.C. (Jan. 31, 2018) - As one of the top developmental racing series in the world, U.S. Legend Cars International has found a way to build upon their success. In the coming months the racing series will be introducing a new spec. engine and ignition system for the Legend Car; the Yamaha FZ09.

The water-cooled, fuel injected Legend Car engine has been perfected over the past three years by U.S. Legend Cars General Manager, G.E. Chapman, Engine Shop Manager, Chad Honeycutt and Craig Bruce, Production Manager.  They have been working around the clock to ensure the FZ09 will be equally as competitive as the XJ1250, while dramatically decreasing the need for rebuilds, in turn making it less expensive to maintain.

Keeping up with the technical standards of INEX, the FZ09 will be sealed and remain stock as delivered by U.S. Legend Cars. The company has partnered with GET Ignitions to create a proprietary ECU exclusively for this engine, which will prevent tampering. This custom ECU will allow engine tech to include onsite diagnostic tests and ECU swap outs. Due to the lighter overall weight of the FZ09 engine package, the weight requirements for cars running this engine will differ from those running the XJ1250.

There will be minimal adjustments necessary to transition the Legend Car from the XJ1250 to the FZ09. These changes include modifications to the fuel system and engine mounts; however, no changes to the chassis are required. Upon purchase of the new engine, all components needed to make the conversion will be included; this will give customers the ability to complete the changes on their own.  

After over three years of hard work, U.S. Legend Cars General Manager, G.E. Chapman is eager for the FZ09 to make its debut. "It really is a great engine package for our cars. After all the testing we've done we've found it to not only be fast, but also extremely reliable. The maintenance schedule is drastically reduced because the engine is water-cooled and fuel injected. It's also a shim under bucket, which extends service life of the valve train and valve adjustment".

Chapman goes on to describe more of what's going into this engine; "the cylinder bore has nickel silicon carbide plating, which will decrease cylinder wear and radically extend piston ring life over the standard steel type liner of the XJ1250. We have also developed an aftermarket proprietary ECU with GET…this will allow us to have peak performance along with reliability tuned into each ECU. Our guys have been working to get that last little bit of power while keeping the reliability. We have partnered with Daniel Crower Racing to create a camshaft that makes the engine run extremely well. All this makes for a fun to drive, fast handling race car that is less expensive to operate".

Beginning spring 2018, U.S. Legend Cars will be offering the FZ09 to customers. While all new Legend Cars will be manufactured with this new engine, both the XJ1250 and FJ1200 will still be deemed legal by INEX.

The excitement for this new engine can be felt throughout the company; "I'm thrilled about the FZ09 engine development program and its introduction onto the racetrack for competition purposes. It's versatile, it's durable, and it's fast and affordable", says Don Hawk, Senior Vice President of Business Affairs for SMI (TRK) & Executive Vice President of U.S. Legend Cars International. "Personally, I want to take this opportunity to thank the R&D team, Chad,  the engine shop at USLCI as well as the sanctioning body, INEX, as GE and Haggan worked diligently on keeping it quiet and equal yet very competitive. Years of work are now ready to be put to use in your Legend car".

The FZ09 will be available for purchase in both the United States and abroad spring 2018. More information on the FZ09 can be found on our FAQ Sheet, in the 2018 INEX Rulebook or by calling U.S. Legend Cars International in Harrisburg, N.C. at 704-455-3896.

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