This weekend is set for a HUGE weekend at the B E A U T I F U L Texas Motor Speedway!  We have a full schedule of racing going on with 4 HUGE shows!!!!  If you are looking for points…all roads lead here!  Thursday night is round 8 of the 2014 Summer Stampede with action from the Legends and Bandoleros!  Then Friday night it will be a Regional Qualifier for those looking to add one of those to their bucket list for 2014!  Saturday night the gloves come off!  It is Round 3 of the Texas CHAMPS Series and round 10 of the Summer Stampede all wrapped up into one race!  It is also the final round of the 2014 Summer Stampede!  The points are tight for the Stampede with Dalton Arnold in the lead in Bandits, Gabbie Dubeau leads the Outlaws, New comer Matthew Barnard tops the charts in Young Lion, Nur Ali on top of the points in Semi Pro but is not going to be able to race this weekend, Buddy Goudy leads the Masters and Ryan Eyer is looking for his first Pro Championship at the Summer Shoot Out! 

Then…….Enter Fort Worth Indian Motorcycles "Indian Chief 40" This is a NON points race…the best of the best!  24 cars on the ¼ mile!  20 laps then a 20 lap break….take your cars to the pits and do what ever you need to do to finish the last 20 laps!  During the 20 minute break the Bandolero's will hit the track for a 20 lap "Papoose" another NON points race just for the bragging rites!!!  We hope to see you here!  For questions please call 817-255-6000!  And Thank YOU for being part of USLCI!


Rusty Marcus| GM - Lonestar Legends| Lone Star Legends at Texas Motor Speedway