The final rounds of the Summer Stampede at the B E A U T I F U L Texas Motor Speedway are in the books!  10 great nights of racing have been recorded and memories have been made!  Interesting things happened on this final night of racing,  Mark Smith, Owner of Fort Worth Motorcycles wanted to have a "Big" show…enter the "Indian Chief 40" for the Legends and the "Papoose" for the Bandolero's!  This race was a bonus race in addition to round 10 of the Summer Stampede!  No points ….just tons of bragging rites!  The top cars from each division were invited to race with a FULL pill draw for starting position!  The race format …a little different from most…20 laps of racing…20 minutes of pit time…in which they could do ANYTHING they wanted to do to the cars….and then the final 20 laps for the money and glory!  During the 20 minute "pit time" the Bandolero's ran a 20 lap "Prestige" race we call the "Papoose"!  With Tempetures topping the 100 degree mark the racing was MUCH hotter than the weather!  In addition several other things happened that were just icing on the cake!  Kenton Nelson VP of Texas Motor Speedway came out of retirement and co-announced the race with his son Cody and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott was in attendance!  What started out as a great night quickly turned into a SPECTACULAR night!  The mood for the night was electric as the cars went to the track for driver introductions on the front stretch!  The drivers not used to this, were eager to get introduced to the fans!  Josh Gilbert drew starting pole and David Sekera started outside! The race was INCREDIBLE and the fans had a GREAT time!  We appreciate EVERYTHING that Texas Motor Speedway does to help us with these events and am especially proud of how they are officiated!  You see, we have young people doing the officiating…young people learning the ropes of racing!  That is what makes us SO proud!  These young people did an EXCEPTIONAL job officiating these races…Cody Nelson Announcer, Kyle Nelson Race Director, Abby Emerson Scorer, Tatum Branch Scorer, Michelle Branch Scorer, Ryan Whitlock Grid, Brenden Pakebusch grid, Parker Branch Flag, and Payton Branch flag.  We want to also thank Cameron Branch and Kenton Nelson for mentoring these young folks for the future of the sport we love!


"Papoose" presented by Fort Worth Indian Motorcycles

1-Kamera McDonald

2-Kaden Honeycutt

3-Dalton Arnold

4-Gabbie Dubeau

5-Levi Dubeau

6-Ethan Barker


"Indian Chief 40" presented by Fort Worth Indian Motorcycles

1-Michael Dabney Jr

2-Baiden Heskett

3-Jason Irwin

4-Josh Gilbert

5-Nathan Wilson

6-Sean Glennon

7-Ethan McMillon

8-Curtis Irwin

9-Matthew Barnard

10-Collin Lynch

11-Mark Smith

12-Brian Dean

13-Jamie Glass

14-David Sekera

15-Jeff Davis

16-John Copeland

17-DeWayne Irwin

18-Andy Tatum

19-Buddy Goudy

20-Coby Henslee

21-Cameron Sogge