Today we've got Lucas Montgomery. Lucas is our 2014  National Pro Dirt Legend Champion.

Name, Class & Championship Title:
Lucas Montgomery, 2014 National Pro Dirt Legend Champion 

What's your favorite racing memory of 2014?
Coming from the back at the Dirt Nationals in the Race of Champions, and battling with Bob Stough for the lead. We finished 2nd, but that was a hoot. Also the birth of my son, Jax!

What sparked your interest in competing in racing?
My dad found out there was a local go-kart track so we got a kart and went racing. I was 11 years old.

Who are your favorite drivers to compete against?
All the guys here in Central Pennsylvania. The competition is tough.

What are your goals for the 2015 season?
Help the series grow here in Pennsylvania. Also, to continue to help the new drivers.
Hopefully kick some butt!

Which track is your favorite?
Lincoln Speedway!

Are there any sponsors or people you'd like to thank? 
Red Lion Chevrolet, Impressive Signs, Bricker's French Fries, Hess Ornamental Iron.