Racing has always been a male dominated sport, but in recent year the number of female participating has begun to grow. More and more women are getting behind the wheel, and keeping up with the boys...and from time to time, beating them. 

We got a chance to talk with one of those ladies. Reagan Zimmerman, from Pewaukee, Wisconsin, is a Young Lion Dirt Driver in our Legend Car Series. She was also named the 2015 Young Lion Dirt Champion. 

Interviewer: How long have you been involved in racing? 
Reagan: I raced Junior Wing Sprint [Cars] during the summer of 2014 and this is my second year racing Legends.

I: So this is your third year racing. What'd sparked your interest in the sport? 
Ever since I can remember I was spending a few Saturday nights every summer at different racetracks around Wisconsin. After younger brother was born, we started going to the races more and more, and I started gaining a lot more interest. When my brother was three years old, my dad started looking into getting him into racing, and in the search for a kart, he ended up finding the Junior Sprint [Car] for sale. The next thing I knew, we owned a Junior Sprint, and I started racing. I ended up outgrowing the Junior Sprint after a year, so we bought the Legend Car and never turned back.

I: What's been your favorite part of racing your Legend Car?
Probably being the only girl who won a Point's Championship last year. Oh, and the fact that I've been racing for three years now, and still aren't old enough to get my driver's license! 

I: That's too funny! So being the only female to win a 2015 Point Championship must be a pretty cool feeling, right? 
It really does feel pretty great, to be honest! I worked really hard last year and looked up to the other females I raced against so it was nice to learn from them. I see how well they've done and how far they've come, and I strive to be at their level someday.

I: Any odd pre-race rituals or superstition?
Definitely. I think I do better when we are one of the first to arrive at the track, and we ALWAYS have to have brownies in the trailer.

I: I'll have to remember that next time I see you..Ok, so, being an almost 16 year old girl, I know you have other goals outside of racing. What might those be? 
Right now, my main goal is to keep up with school work, get into a good college and major in engineering...and of course get my driver's license.

I: And finally, is there anyone you'd like to thank for helping you get through this season?
Yes! First, I would like to thank my parents for getting me into racing and providing me with all of the support I need to do well. I'd also like to thank my grandparents for purchasing and owning the car, and putting up with all of the late nights we spend working on the car at their house during the summer. I need to thank my little brother and sister for spending countless hot summer nights at the track and cheering me on each week. I'd like to thank Carl Schultz, Joe Bongiorno, and all of my fellow competitors who answered my countless questions and gave me tips to help me get better. Finally, I'd like to thank sponsors Rog's Concrete from Ft. Worth, TX; C&M Concrete from Rhinelander, WI; Pesicek Auto Body from Oconomowoc, WI; D&D Embroidery from Oconomowoc, WI; and T and K Home Construction Services, LLC from Hartland, WI.

You'll see Reagan back with us for this year's Dirt Nationals at 141 Speedway, in Meribel , WI, October 20, 21 and 22! 

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