Brandon Brock is a 16 year old driver from Hampton Ga. He is in his second year of racing. The first year and half Brandon raced a mini stock car on a local dirt track and took three checker flags while racing on dirt. During his first year he was leading the rookie of the year points until a parts failure on the last race and he wound up second by 9 points and finished 4th in points overall. He was respected as a clean racer and earned the respect of the more experienced drivers.


This past July he transitioned to the asphalt track in a Legend car in the semi-pro division and raced the last three races of the Thunder Series at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Brandon is involved in all aspects of getting the car ready to race each week. His experience has helped him communicate to the crew chief what the car is doing so adjustments can be made. He is committed to learning about the car so that he can be a successful driver on the track.


In his two years of racing Brandon has tried to soak up all the information he could from veteran drivers. These veteran drivers have helped him learn how to pay attention to the little details on the track that can produce big rewards and even wins. His willingness to listen and learn has allowed Brandon to have success on the track. He knows that seat time is valuable in being competitive in the Legend cars and is looking forward to racing in the Winter Flurry at Atlanta Motor Speedway as well as other tracks in Georgia that host Legend cars.


Brandon has loved racing since he was a small kid. It did not matter if it was a peddle car or a four wheeler he wanted to race. He watches racing of all types and hope to transition to bigger cars as he gains more experience. During the week after school he can be found working in the shop with his car owner and crew chief, Roger Lang, preparing the car for the next race.


Team 18 Racing for Brandon is a family affair. His papaw and dad help with the car while his mom, nanny, 2 sisters and other grandparents can be heard in the stands cheering him on!