By: Kelly Giddings

Trever Wester of Canton, North Carolina, is our 2019 Bandolero Outlaw East Champion! You can find Wester at his home track, Charlotte Motor Speedway. One of his most memorable moments this season was winning the final race at Concord Speedway. Wester explains that is was so memorable because, "it was a national qualifier race, which we had yet to win one. It was also the final race ever at Concord." Wester won his first Beginner Bandolero race and his first Outlaw race at Concord Speedway, so for him to be able to win the final race at this track meant a lot to him.

Wester first started racing after visiting Victory Lane Karting to participate in a day of go-kart racing with his family. While traveling there, he and his family saw a sign that read, "League races every Saturday." Wester and his family knew that they had to give it a try. He went on to win their Fall Championship and then raced the winter and spring series. "We met a family who also raced Bandoleros at the time, and they got us into racing those." From then on, Wester never regretted his decision.

When asked if he would ever do any race over again, Wester replied, "Looking back at the season, there were plenty of races that didn't go my way, but in the grand scheme of things, there's nothing I'd change." Wester then goes on to say that he firmly believes that everything happens for a reason. "At the end of the day, we accomplished the goal of winning the National Championship, so therefore, everything worked out." Even though Wester had to overcome the struggle of blown motors this season, he was still able to come out on top.

To Wester, winning the National Championship is a dream come true. "If you would have told me three years ago that we would be National Champions, I would have laughed." Wester goes on to explain how up until this year, he had not had much luck. "We were fast, but not fast enough to win. Something this year just clicked. I understood the car extremely well and was able to be consistently fast every lap." 

Wester explains that winning the National Championship is a significant accomplishment in Bandolero racing, and winning it means the world to him. Wester says that this Championship would not have been possible without the Gordon family, his family, and the Good Lord. "Mike and Corey Gordon have worked so hard all season long and gave me the best race cars I could ever ask for. I will never be able to thank them enough for all that they have done." He also wants to thank his family. "The sacrifices they made for me this year mean the world to me. Through the highs and the lows, they were always there for me and believed in me." Lastly, Wester wants to thank the Good Lord. "He kept me safe all season long and blessed me with the ability to race and race well. He was there to comfort me and give me peace, and He blessed me tremendously with the highs."

Congratulations to Trever Wester, our 2019 Bandolero Outlaw East Champion!

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