By: Kelly Giddings

Jason Alder, from Cooksville, Maryland, is our 2019 Asphalt Oval Semi-Pro Champion! Alder has been racing for ten years after his father found him a broken-down yard kart. "When my dad was on a bike ride training for a 100-mile fundraiser for JDRF, he passed by a yard sale and found the broken down yard kart." Alder and his father ended up buying it, fixing it up and driving it around their elementary school parking lot. "I fell in love with it. Soon I asked him if we could race." They went to Sandy Hook Speedway, where they talked to people who gave them advice about racing karts. Soon Alder was in a real racing kart and raced it for his first time in November of 2009. "I was six years old, and I've been hooked ever since."

Alder states that the title of 2019 Asphalt Oval Semi-Pro Champion means more to him that he can express. "To be able to see my name on a list with such incredible drivers is an honor and something I never expected." His most memorable moment was pulling into tech after finishing second in the race and finding out that they won the National Championship. "I looked back at the team with huge gratitude and appreciation." This was an exciting moment for Alder, which made all of the traveling worth it. Alder competed in almost fifty races this season. "The closest race was in Charlotte, which is seven hours away!"

Alder states that if he could redo any race, it would be from the Summer Shootout, the round of July 4th. "I was late to the starting grid, and I was forced to start last, which was in the mid-upper twenty's, after qualifying on the pole and drawing a one for the invert." 

Alder would like first to thank his mother, "who has been such a supportive and gracious mom. She rarely can make it to the track, but I know she has always been there for me." He would also like to thank 2020 TEKnology for everything they have done to support him in the past few years. "I have loved representing them on and off the racetrack."

He also would like to thank Steven Ross from Steven Ross Motorsports who has, "hooked him up with the baddest car week in and week out."

Alder thanks Jordan Black form Apex Driver Development for, "being in my ear every race, giving me some awesome spotting, and guiding me through this whole season."

Finally, he would like to thank everyone else who has supported him or helped him.

Congratulations to Jason Alder, our 2019 Asphalt Oval Semi-Pro Champion.

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