BANDOLERO CARBURETOR SPACER                                                               2/25/2020

In an effort to help extend the life of the Bandolero engine, the US Legends Engine Shop has developed a carburetor spacer to help prevent the engine from "leaning out". This aluminum spacer will be used on all Bandolero engines that are not required to use restrictor plates.

This aluminum spacer will replace the original plastic spacer under the carburetor.

This aluminum spacer will be mandatory for use on all un-restricted Bandolero engines DURING THE 2020 RACING SEASON BEGINNING ON MARCH 16TH 2020. IT WILL ALSO BE MANDATORY FOR ALL BANDOLERO ENGINES AT THE CHARLOTTE MOTOR SPEEDWAY 1/5 MILE RACES (3/7/20 & 3/14/20).

Bandolero engines using restrictor plates will not use this new aluminum spacer. They will remain configured as listed in the current INEX rulebook.

The aluminum spacer is marked "INEX" & must remain stock as delivered by US Legend Cars International. It must be used with one un-cut gasket between the intake tube & the spacer and one un-cut gasket between the spacer & the carburetor. When using this spacer, it is recommended to use 112 (rear) & 107.5 (front/firewall) jets with the “small fan” engine or 110 (rear) & 105 (front/firewall) jets with the “big fan” engine.

Questions about installation, Please contact Jay Johnson @ (704) 455-3896.

Thank you for your cooperation.