AMS Thursday Thunder Pro Rules

1. Pro class is promoted as Premiere division each night 

2. The payout is based on overall points, not a weekly purse. Top eight in overall event points receive a payout.
Pro Champion takes home $2,500.

3. Drivers will draw for tires at the Sunoco building each week ($80 per event). All drivers racing on Championship Night, who have raced in 8 or more events will keep their week ten tire/wheelset. 

4.  Hot laps will take place after the driver's meeting at 6PM (5 laps)

5. Group qualifying is 8 laps 

6. Cars will be impounded on pit road after qualifying (if you skip impound, you will begin the last place of the feature and will not be eligible for pass points) 

7. Feature lineup will be based on qualifying results. The draw will happen in the impound area

8. First feature on-track after 9PM

9. 25 lap feature each week

10. Pass Points - Nightly award of 1 points for each position improved in the feature (points for spots gained based on where you start to where you finish)

11. Minimum of 175LBS rating on right front spring

12. Two-way radio communication is allowed

13. Garage passes for points champion and one guest to attend the fall cup weekend in Charlotte. 


1st - $2500

2nd - $1000

3rd - $425

4th - $300

5th - $250

6th - $200

7th - $175

8th - $150