We're excited to be partnering up with Granite State Legend Cars to bring you the 2015  Road Course World Finals at New Hampshire Motor Speedway October 16-18! 

New Hampshire Motor Speedway
1122 New Hampshire 106, Loudon, NH 03307

Find driving directions here! 


PRE-ENTRY FEES: Special Pre-Entry pricing deadline is October 4th!

Car & Driver (pre-entry) $200.00
Car & Driver (post Oct. 4) $250.00
Test Day (Car& Driver) $150.00 all day
Test Day (Car& Driver) $100.00 (1pm-5pm)
Bandolero (Sunday Only) $50.00
Crew 2  Day Pass $30.00
Crew 1  Day Pass $20.00
Transponder Rental (Pre-paid) $50.00
Garage Stall - Legend (2-3 cars per stall) $225

Make checks payable to: INEX
Mail completed Pre-Entry form and check to: 
5245 NC Highway 49 South Harrisburg, NC 28075

Minor Waiver Form:

Both parent signatures are REQUIRED for anyone under the age of 18 to enter the pits at any SMI race track. If parent(s) are not present at the time of registration, the minor MUST the SMI waiver form, signed by the absent parent(s), and notarized. They must also attach a copy of the minor's birth certificate Sole Custody/Guardianship: Court documentation/official paperwork is required in case of sole custody/loss of a parent. This does included, but is not limited to, Divorce Settlement documents, Power of Attorney documentation, and Death Certificates. Minor waiver DOES NOT have to be notarized if the document is signed in front of a USLCI, INEX or SMI employee. Parents CANNOT sign on behalf of any child over the age of six years old. Waiver form can be found on the USLCI website.

Lodging Information:

Host Hotel:
Comfort Inn - *Located 20 miles (15 minutes) from NHMS*
71 Hall Street
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 226-4100

Rates: $99 per night - rates good for Friday, October 16th - Monday, October 19th.
Mention NHMS - Legend Car World Finals when you call! 

Other lodging options: 
NHMS Camping/Parking Lot - $25 for the entire weekend. This includes water and power. If you're planning on camping, please call (603) 513-5725 to reserve a spot!

Parking: Garage Stall - (see page 5) $225 covers all 3 days of racing and includes power and compressed air. Each bay holds 2-3 cars. Requested parking spot is not guaranteed, but we will try to accommodate you the best we can. Bando will be able to purchase stalls on Sunday for $100
Non-Garage - $25 per trailer. Spot includes water and power, and may also be used for camping.

Gas Rule: To be determined

Transponders: AMB will be mandatory. Transponders will be available for rent at the track for $50 for the entire event.

Concessions:  NHMS Smoke Shack will be open inside the infield all weekend log.


TEST DAY - Friday, October 16

Gates open:
Mandatory Driver's Meeting:
Safety Tech:
Test Schedule:
9:00AM - 12:00PM - LUNCH BREAK - 1:00PM - 5:00PM
*Classes will alternate throughout the day*
Pro/Master - 30 minutes
Young Lion/Semi-Pro - 30 minutes

PRACTICE AND HEAT RACES - Saturday, October 17

Gates open: 7:00AM

Mandatory Driver's Meeting: 8:00AM
Safety Tech (must tech before qualifying):
8:00AM - 11:00AM
Pro/Master Practice                           8:30AM
Semi Pro/Young Lion Practice            9:00AM
Pro/Master Practice                           9:30AM
Semi Pro/Young Lion Practice            10:00AM
Pro/Master Practice                           10:30AM
Semi Pro/Young Lion Practice            11:00AM

Qualifying - 5 Laps                           11:30AM
Young Lion


Heat Races                                          1:30PM
Pro Heat 1                                           1:30PM
Pro Heat 2                                           1:50PM
Master Heat 1                                     1:10PM
Master Heat 2                                     2:30PM
Semi-Pro Heat 1                                  2:50PM
Semi-Pro Heat 2                                  3:10PM
Young Lion Heat 1                               3:30PM
Young Lion Heat 2                               3:50PM


CHAMPIONSHIP DAY - Sunday, October 18

Gates open: 7:00AM
Bandolero Driver's Meeting:
Bandolero Practice:
Pro/Master Practice: 9:00AM
Semi-Pro/Young Lion Practice: 9:30AM
Mandatory Driver's Meeting: 10:00AM
Bandolero Practice: 10:30AM

Young Lion Championship Race (12 laps)      10:50AM

 Bandolero Heat Race 1 (4 laps)                      11:20AM 

Bandolero Heat Race 2 (4 laps)                      11:30AM 

Semi-Pro Championship Race (12 laps)         1:00PM

Bandolero Main (8 laps)                     1:30PM 

Master Championship Race (12 laps)            2:00PM 

Pro Championship Race (12 laps)       2:30PM
Award Ceremony                                3:00PM