Located in Harrisburg, N.C., US Legend Cars, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of race cars in the world, and is the exclusive producer of the Legends Car, Bandolero, Thunder Roadsters and Legends Dirt Modified Cars.

Mission Statement

Legends Cars, Bandolero, Thunder Roadster, and Legends Dirt Modified cars are manufactured by U.S. Legend Cars International, Inc. and internationally sanctioned by INEX to provide a fun and affordable racing opportunity in which anyone can compete. This series is an attempt to fight the high costs involved in racing, and the rules are strictly enforced to ensure fair competition and cost control.

US Legend Cars, Inc. is a subsidiary of Speedway Motorsports, Inc. (NYSE: TRK), a leading marketer and promoter of motorsports entertainment in the United States. USLCI facility features 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Harrisburg, N.C., capable of producing as many as 40 cars a month. USLCI has manufactured more than 5,500 Legends Cars since 1992.

U.S. Legend Cars, Inc. hosts a worldwide dealer network featuring 50 exclusive dealers across the United States, Canada, Asia, Australia and Europe.