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Thunder Roadsters

The Thunder Roadster should bring back many memories for people who experienced first-hand open-wheel racing during the '50s and '60s while offering younger fans a racecar that not only looks fast, but also goes fast. Just like the Legends and Bandolero Cars, the Thunder Roadster is made up of the same winning tradition that has propelled the Legends and Bandolero Cars to the front of spec races. The open-cockpit car utilizes a sprint car-type roll cage to protect the driver, and wide sidepods have been included in the design for additional safety. The Thunder Roadster also features a driver-friendly long wheelbase that will be a great asset for road racing in addition to competing on asphalt and dirt ovals. An open cockpit gives fans a great view of the driver at work, as well as great visibility for the driver.

Wheelbase: 96.00"
Overall Width: 61.00"
Overall Length: 14'3"
Height: 44"
Engine: Yamaha 1250cc (sealed)
Weight: 1500 lbs. w/driver minimum
Tires: 880 Racing Hoosier 26.5/8.0-15
Wheels: 8" wide / 15" in diameter
Suspension: Bilstein Shocks
Front: Coil Over Independent
Rear: Coil Over
Frame: Full Tubeframe With Winston Cup Type 1 1/2" .095 D.O.M. tubing
Brakes: Front:Disc / Rear:Drum
Exhaust: Factory Tuned With Muffler
Cooling: Twin Turbo Forced Air Induction Setrab Oil Coolers, Fan, and Remote Oil Filter
Gauges: Recall/Memory Tach, Oil Pressure and oil Temperature Gauges
Safety: G-Force Five-Point Harness, Window Nets, and Arm Restraints
Driver Comfort: Diamond Back Racing Seat
Body: Full Fiberglass
Fuel Cell: Five Gallon Steel Fuel Safe
SCCA Option: Now Available


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