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Sealed Engines

Attention all INEX members,

The question has arisen, Is it OK to remove the seals on a 1250 sealed engine and convert it back to a 1200 un-sealed engine ?

The official position that INEX has taken is as follows: The only engines that can be used in INEX sanctioned events are the 1200 (un-sealed), 1219 (sealed) and the 1250 (sealed).

The 1200 must meet the rules as outlined in the current rulebook. The 1219 must remain sealed as a 1219. However, you can restore the 1219 back to a 1200 that meets the rules as outlined in the current rulebook (this engine will have a 1200 serial number). The 1250 must remain sealed and may not be restored to a 1200 (this engine will have a serial number with a P503E prefix).

The 1250 engine with the 1250 serial number can only be raced as a sealed engine.

I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.


Scott Reinhardt (INEX National Tech Director)


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